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Tomorrow always becomes today, so start today

Self, life is hard.  Get over it. You will probably never have that perfect body you’ve dreamed of.  But… you have a good body.  You have a healthy body.  You have a body that can do so much!  Here’s the thing, though.  You will have to work every day of your life to keep it… Continue reading Tomorrow always becomes today, so start today

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a new year

I’m sentimental.  I’m a dreamer.  I long for things to be orderly and predictable and calm.  I have ideas and ideals for myself.  I’m not always good at implementing those ideas and ideals.  But I still dream.  I still plan, and long, and aspire.  I will never stop setting goals for myself, and working for… Continue reading a new year

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i have a lot of life yet to live

I just looked back at my first post. September 2, 2010.  That’s over 6 years ago!  I cringe, reading those old posts!  Even then, they were very much about finding balance and finding myself.  But I have come a long way in the “finding myself” realm.  I had a whole series of posts documenting my… Continue reading i have a lot of life yet to live