wow vs. 9

Vs. 9 – “And again, hot drinks are not for the body or belly.”

What, pray tell, constitutes a hot drink?  I vote for coffee and tea!  But that’s because I have never been a coffee drinker or a tea drinker.  They have never been a part of my drink repertoire, and they don’t tempt me. But aren’t apple cider, hot chocolate, herbal tea, and postum consumed hot?  And aren’t they drinks?  Are WARM apple cider and WARM hot chocolate acceptable?  Are hot drinks bad for the body and the belly because “we wouldn’t want to scald ourselves, now!”?  Or is there some other reason?  Is this verse referring only to specific hot drinks that may be addictive and/or unhealthy?

I researched this topic on  The general consensus, as per Brigham Young, Joseph Smith, Hyrum Smith, and John A. Widtsoe, is that “hot drinks” are referring specifically to coffee and tea.  Kinda what I thought.

Also, according to these wise and inspired men, the use of the term “hot drinks” is significant, because it is not so specific as to exclude drinks that would be created post-revelation.  Really, “hot drinks” CAN include any drinks that are addictive in any way.  Shoot, that could technically include Coke Zero.

Yet another guideline for me to make a matter of thought, prayer, and personal decision.  The Coke Zero part.  Not the coffee and tea part.  I’ve already got that one down!

Which leads me to another thought.  I think about how coffee and tea are such significant and, often important, parts of society.  Tea in the Orient, coffee in America.  I mean, HUGE, right?!  I applaud the brave souls who decide to give up coffee and tea because they want to live the Word of Wisdom.  It’s a very concrete way to show the Lord that you are committed to Him and that you desire the influence of the Spirit in your life.  And addictive substances definitely can boot out other, better-for-you influences, such as the Holy Ghost.

Sorry.  That got a little soap-boxy.  I’m just feeling impressed and proud of those friends of mine who took this very leap of faith.  Good show!


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