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a new year

I’m sentimental.  I’m a dreamer.  I long for things to be orderly and predictable and calm.  I have ideas and ideals for myself.  I’m not always good at implementing those ideas and ideals.  But I still dream.  I still plan, and long, and aspire.  I will never stop setting goals for myself, and working for those things that I feel need to be.

It’s a new year.  Naturally, if you are me, you go on a purging streak at the beginning of each year.  You clear out closets and drawers and shelves, in an effort to clear space for new ideas… and new goals… and fun new projects that call your name.

And so, with a drum-roll, and a clash of the symbols….. I present my goals for 2017!

  1. I will run the Ragnar.  (I am signed up and I have my training schedule IN Google calendar.  I will then organize and head up a Ragnar group for 2018, and continue my regular schedule of training.
  2. I will drink at least 64 oz. of water each day.  Granted, some of that may come in the form of Coke Zero (which I am clearly not prepared to fully give up).  In my defense, this is a sharp improvement over last year, during which I drank virtually no water for the first  9 months.
  3. I will learn the names of each of the Ward Young Women leaders AND Young Women in our Stake.  And I will USE those names!
  4. I will prepare a short talk each week, that can be used for spur-of-the-moment spiritual thoughts, talks, and lessons.  What an awesome way to do my personal study!
  5. I will attend the temple twice a month, every month.
  6. I will connect with a friend or a family member every week.
  7. I will get the photos on the computer organized, printed, and in albums.
  8. I will get all those loose papers in the office filed, and the “to-do” list done!
  9. I will get my book published and have my next book ready for illustration.
  10. I will act happy and be happy.  My family, and my husband, want me to be happy.  They want me to love myself.  They want me to NOT take myself so seriously.  They want to hear me talk kindly about myself.  They want an example of how to be happy.

Here’s to a New Year!


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