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I am a living thing

Did you know that there are 7 characteristics that determine whether a thing is living or not?  Well there are!

  1. Living things are composed of cells.
  2. Living things have different levels of organization.
  3. Living things use energy.
  4. Living things reproduce.
  5. Living things respond to their environment.
  6. Living things adapt to their environment.
  7. Living things grow.

I am a living thing!  I have the ability to respond and adapt to my environment.  I don’t have to let my past be an indication of my future.  I can throw off all mind sets that are not getting me where I want to go.  I can take action!  In doing so, I can progress and I can grow!

Stagnation is death.  Think of the Dead Sea.  There is no in.  There is no out.  The water is still and stinky.

It has been found that THE KEY to happiness is PROGRESS.  If you feel like you are making progress (GROWING), you are happy.  You are a living thing!

This makes so much sense!  I have heard it said that hell will be hell because those who do not attain a level of glory in the next life will not have the ability or the opportunity to progress.  That’s stagnation.  No in.  No out.  No growth.  No life.

You are welcome for the Biology lesson.  And for the reminder that you are alive!

Now go LIVE!


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