i guess I’ll keep them

  • Middle child chose to watch TV all afternoon yesterday, then stayed up until 11pm, trying to figure out his math for a test the following day (sounds like me as a high-schooler)
  • Oldest child chose to memorize her new yearbook and catch up on all available forms of social media, all day yesterday, and then stayed up until midnight finishing homework.
  • Youngest child brought a rubric to me last night for a biography report/oral presentation due in 2 days.  Haven’t even read a book yet!  Tried to blame it on me because, ” I showed you the rubric a month ago!”  mmmhmmmm…
  • Got a text from youngest child in school today, asking me to bring him his thumb drive that has a power point presentation on it that he is supposed to give today.
  • Got a text from oldest child at school today, asking if I could bring some papers she forgot on the office desk.
  • Got a text from middle child yesterday at school asking if I could bring him food after school so he could stay and play the teachers vs 8th grader volleyball game.
  • Got a text from oldest child today saying that she loves me and is thankful for all I do for her.
  • Got a hug from youngest child this morning thanking me for helping him scrounge together a biography report.
  • Got a smile and an “I love you” from middle child as I dropped him off at school this morning.
  • I guess I’ll keep them.

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