wow vs. 5

Vs. 5 – “That inasmuch as any man drinketh wine or strong drink among you, behold it is not good, neither meet in the sight of your Father, only in assembling ourselves together to offer up you sacraments before him.”

My thoughts:

  • My sweet husband and I had a talk about this “strong drink” phrase just the other day.  Well, he did most of the talking and asking of questions and I did a lot this: “mm-hmm, yep, I agree, uhhhh…”.  He has obviously done a great deal of pondering on this subject.
  • So what ARE strong drinks?  Of course, we can readily categorize all forms of alcohol here.  Coffee and tea?  Probably yes.  They’re addicting and full of things that my body doesn’t need.  People often rely on their coffee to get them going in the morning.  That’s a vice.  So what about energy drinks?  That’s a whole new craze in today’s world.  I’ve never been much interested in energy drinks, lucky for me, but I have certainly been known to add those little packets of flavoring to my water.  The “energy” packets.  Are those the same as drinking a strong, high-caffeine, energy drink?  Admittedly, I have been glad about the boosts of energy I feel when drinking those.  That seems a huge flashing signal that it is a “strong” drink, if I notice a physical change in me upon drinking 1 drink with energy powder.  Yikes!  Okay, moving on down the line… what about caffeinated soda (diet or not)?  Don’t people get addicted to those?  Become dependent on them?  Crave them?  Absolutely!  There have been times in my adult years when I have regularly enjoyed 2 or 3 Coke Zeros in a day.  Without realizing it, I probably was addicted.  Double yikes!  At the present time, I indulge in a large coke zero from QT probably 3 mornings a week.  I have no place to judge anyone else…. for any vices that they hold.
  • Soda is one of those things that people will always debate over.  Specifics on soda are not spelled out in the Word of Wisdom because, well, there WAS no soda at the time it was revealed.  But this is what I found in my research of that horrible, terrible, glorious, delicious substance called soda:
    • Sodas are 100% man-made.
    • They are full of phosphorus (increase of calcium loss), sodium, caffeine and/or sugar and/or aspartame, and….
    • Soda has ZERO benefit for the body.
  • Where I struggle here is that I get SO tired of drinking. just. water.  I think I could just die!  I realize this is all in my head and it’s just something I need to work through.  I can’t argue that drinking lots of water makes me have to pee all the time, ‘cuz so does caffeine!  And caffeine dehydrates me more!  In reality, I think everyone realizes in their heart of hearts that soda IS liquid Satan.  ANY kind of soda – in ANY variety.  We just need to be wise and kind to ourselves, and practice a measure of self-control and moderation.  This is me, speaking to myself just as much to all of you, my random readers.



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