wow vs. 3

Vs. 3 – “Given for a principle with promise, adapted to the capacity of the weak and the weakest of all saints, who are or can be called saints”.

My thoughts

  • A promise that if we live by the Lord’s health code, we can have health, wisdom and knowledge…. and strength!
  • Adapted to the capacity of the weak?  When I cross reference this work “weak”, I find lots of references to “humility”.  This makes more sense.  It’s a health code for those who are willing to be humble, forsake addictive substances, be teachable, and live a higher law – both because we believe that the Lord will honor his promises to us, and because we love him and WANT to obey.
  • I find it interesting that this is a chapter of council given specifically to the church members (the saints).  In recent years the 1st Presidency, through the Lord, issued a Family Proclamation TO THE WORLD, and it makes me wonder if such a proclamation, regarding a health code, will ever be issued to the world.  Wouldn’t that be something?!  After all, it’s no secret to the world that certain things are bad for our body, while other things are good.
  • Random thought:  I am admittedly a bit frustrated that the WoW is not more specific.  With so many changes in the nation’s diet (refined sugars & flours & pastas & rice, energy drinks, sodas, hormone fed animals, processed foods galore, high fructose corn syrup in everything!), it would just be really nice to be told: “Stop! Avoid it all!”  This big part of me cringes at the thought of losing all the easily accessible crap out there, but then the other part of me believes it would be so much easier if I knew the Lord counsels against it.  I am really good at obeying the “Don’t do that!” type of commandments!  I do understand that the Lord teaches principle and then lets us govern ourselves.  I also understand that he wants us to study, fast and pray bout some things.  Perhaps this is one of those things.  Oh darn.  You mean I have to govern myself?  I have to make daily choices that can affect my health and the health of my family?  I have to face temptations and practice self control?  Uugh!

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