the way we are

I am really starting to understand that if we can’t learn to love ourselves right now, the way we are, at our current size and weight, then we will never love ourselves.  I don’t mean that we have to be thrilled about our size or weight!  I don’t mean that we have to love ourselves this instant!  I mean that we CAN learn to love ourselves the way we are right now.  And we need to try!  THAT we need to do now!  TRY.

The way we feel about ourselves has almost nothing to do with size and weight.  I know this.  I’ve experienced it!  I can pretty much guarantee that if I hate myself now, but then I lose 20 lbs….. I won’t be any better off emotionally than I was 20 lbs heavier, unless I learn to love MYSELF.

Don’t mis-quote me here!  I am not suggesting that, because self-esteem has little to do with weight and size, we should not care about how we treat our bodies.  We HAVE to take care of our bodies.  They are gifts from God that we have been entrusted with.  They are the vessels that allow us to love and serve and find joy!  What I AM saying is that unless we allow ourselves to move past that fallacy that skinny = value, we will always judge ourselves and wrongly obsess over our physical selves, and we won’t be happy with ourselves at ANY size and weight.

We are awesome!  We are of royal birth!  We have minds, hearts, and souls.  We have ideas, feelings, and love that can change lives!  There are plenty of people who love us exactly as we are.  As we learn to love ourselves and display confidence in our self-worth, others will feel it.  They’ll feel better about themselves when they are around us and they’ll be drawn to us for the happy vibes that we radiate.


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