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what is a homemaker?

A homemaker is someone who makes a home, right?  That makes sense.  He or she (in my case, she) makes a HOUSE a home.  So what IS it that makes a house a home?  How should a home feel?  How should a home look?  This is what I want MY home to be:

  • A place of refuge from the world
  • A place that is safe from ridicule, teasing, judgement, criticism, and persecusion
  • A place that is clean and tidy
  • A place that is organized and accessible
  • A place that is peaceful
  • A place that is safe from physical and spiritual harm
  • A place where creative outlets can be explored
  • A place where we work and learn together
  • A place where the scriptures are studied and gospel truths are taught
  • A place where the Spirit dwells
  • A place that is fun
  • A place where my family wants to be

Sister Bonnie L. Oscarson reminded us in the April 2015 General Conference that “home is second only to the temple in holiness”.  This is my benchmark and my standard!  We have a ways to go in our home, but we’ve got the goal in site!  Like most things, it’s not a goal with a final destination.  It’s a goal which requires a DAILY commitment to be productive, deliberate, forgiving, kind, and happy.  I embrace the title “homemaker”!


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