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the daily "to-do" list

I own a smart phone on which I can, and DO, keep lists, calendars and notes. But I have decided that I am more of a tactile, hands-on kind of gal. For MY daily “to-dos” I have to have a little paper list – something on which I can write, check things off, take notes, doodle, highlight, add reminders, and set goals. For me, it’s just not the same on a hand-held electronic device. I’ve tried every method of day planning/goal setting out there. They’re all just too involved for me! I finally made my OWN system that I use, in addition to a family calendar and, of course, my phone. 😉

The advantages of this system are:
  1. I can use a pen! I love a good pen!
  2. I can use a highlighter! I do love a good highlighter! (shout out to my friend, Staples!)
  3. I can highlight those items that NEED to be done today.
  4. I can write and change the date at the top of the cards.
  5. I can set a great goal for the day, or just write something pointless, next to “I am:”
  6. I can see everything at a glance.
  7. I can write down those things that did not get done the day before and re-commit to doing them today as I re-write them. (Who am I kidding… There are some things on this list that I’ve been forwarding for a year now! But at least I THINK about doing them!)
  8. I can keep all of my old lists for reference.
  9. I can keep it front and center in my purse and take a picture of it if I just want or need to access it on my phone.
  10. I can print more copies from off of my computer whenever I need them! In-ex-pen-sive!

Maybe some of my systems are old fashioned, but I know how my brain works.  I need to be able to hold, handle and manipulate what’s in front of me. I love that I can create a personalized system, and then fine tune it as I use it.  I’m liking this one!


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