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a serious case of disney-itis

Why do I obsess over Disneyland?  Is there something wrong with me?  I have plenty of friends who claim to love Disneyland, but I’m pretty sure I love it more.  I listen to the Disneyland Park music daily – in my house and in my car… even sometimes when I run! My kids will attest that I relate pretty much everything to Disneyland! There were a few years during which my kids and I had Disney passes – and we live in Arizona!  Of course, those were the days when the kids’ schedules were open and free, and you didn’t have to sell one of your children to AFFORD a pass.  We’d go 5 or 6 times a year!  Prices are in the guilt range now, and the kids’ schedules are crazy with a Capital C, but I dream all. the. time. about when I can go again.  It’s only once or twice a year now.  (sigh!) I have created Disney monsters out of my kids too.  My sweet husband says he can only handle 1 trip per year.  The lines and the monotony of it are less than appealing to him.  He seriously spoils ME, though, because when I suggest or request a trip (even if it’s just for the kids and I), he doesn’t even bat an eyelash.  His answer is always, “go for it!” Maybe this makes him fell less guilty about his hunting indulgences. 🙂

I have tried to analyze what it is about Disneyland that I love so much.  I’ve come up with a few ideas:
1. I love that my kids love it!  Maybe that is subconsciously a part of my evil plan, though!
2. I love that I can walk in to the park and know where every ride, every restroom, every food spot, every ATM, every churro stand, every fast pass line, every drinking fountain, and every bench is.
3. I love that the music makes me feel like a kid… in a happy place!
4. I love that when I enter Disneyland, I forget all the worries of the world.  I can pretend for the day that we don’t have bills to pay, homework to do, bills and charges to dispute, cars and appliances to get repaired, appointments to make and keep, errands to run, housework to do, laundry to fold, and grocery shopping to get done.
5. I love that the park is perfectly clean and organized.  I’m fascinated by the behind-the-scenes workings of it all, in fact.
6. I love to pretend that I live in a little town that looks and feels like Main Street, and that I wear parlor dresses and heels every day, and eat jumbulaya and beignets at every meal.

I must sound like a crazy lady!  I really am a conscientious wife and mother. I’m an on-time bill payer, and I am at least somewhat responsible, even conservative, with our money. I quite like my husband, and I’m not totally opposed to the structure of school and homework and practices. I enjoy fulfilling my callings and I take pride in keeping a clean home and putting food on the table. The laundry and the filing I could do without, but it’s not like I have anything to run or hide from.

Once, I wrote down what I would do if money were no object and there were no consequences to my choices. Of all the scenarios I could have dreamt up, you know what I said? I said that I would live right here in Arizona, but I would hire a private limo to drive me and a guest every first Sunday of the month to Disneyland! I know. I’m a party animal.  We’d travel during the night, Sunday night, and sleep all the way there in our comfy limo beds. We’d arrive in time for the park to open on Monday morning, and spend the day there. We’d have unlimited food and fast passes, naturally. On Monday night, we’d sleep in my condo right next to the park, and on Tuesday (late morning – after sleeping in) my driver would bring us back to the park. Upon closing, we’d hop back in the limo and ride home, through the night, in our limo beds. We’d arrive home early Wednesday morning, having only missed 2  days of the month. I’d take someone different with me each month. It’s a mighty fine plan, isn’t it?!

Are you, or someone you know, suffering from Disney-itis too?


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