soda is liquid satan

Yep, you heard it.  Soda is liquid Satan… and Diet Soda is his twin bother!

I recently re-read a book called “Skinny B*%$#”, by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin, two “no-nonsense, tough-love girls” who kinda tell it how it is, regarding what NOT to eat if you want to be slender.  Yeah, I really, really don’t like the title of the book, but I do like the message.  They don’t beat around the bush.  They are the ones who labeled soda “Liquid Satan”.  I don’t agree with everything in their book, but I do agree with this idea.  I will probably sneak a sip, or an occasional can, of soda now and then, but I think I am currently cured of my yearning for soda.  I used to pick one up at every check out stand I ever passed through.  My kids knew it, and they even started grabbing my Coke Zero for me…… without me even asking!  “Here mom!  I got your Coke Zero for you!”

Here’s what’s wrong with the stuff:
– It has high levels of phosphorous, which increases calcium loss
– It is high in sodium
– Most varieties of soda have caffeine
– It leads to bone loss and osteoporosis
– Soda with caffeine is dehydrating, even though it is mostly water
– It is filled with sugar by the boatload (and wait for it!………)
– Diet soda has aspartame… which is even worse!

(Side note:  Aspartame has been linked with arthritis, birth defects, fibromyalgia, Alzheimer’s, lupus, multiple sclerosis, and diabetes.  It hasn’t even been approved by the FDA!  It has methyl alcohol, which turns into formaldehyde inside the body.  What?! So it’s toxic and it’s a carcinogenic?!)

One of my favorite quotes from Freedman and Barnouin’s book is, “Maybe you have a lumpy butt because you have been preserving your fat cells!”  That’s funny!

Seriously, I have enough to say about soda to write an entire book.  But don’t judge me if you see me with one.  Feel free to judge me, however, if you see me grab one every time I go through the check out stand.


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