deja vu

I just completed another 6 week no carb/no sugar/super low calorie stint.  It has been 3 years since I lost those 20lbs.  In 3 years’ time,  I put 15 of those 20 lbs. back on.  Grrrr! Totally unnecessary – and totally easy.  I was back in my horrible, terrible eating habits.  Too embarrassed to ask hubby if I should/could do the diet thing with him again, I was pretty stoked when he asked if I’d want to do it.  We had talked about both getting in shape before summer and I think he was just waiting for the perfect moment to suggest it.  He has learned to be very tip-toey and sensitive around me when it comes to matters of the body.  Sorry sweetie!

I hated every moment of it.  Can’t deny that.  Did I cheat on occasion?  Of course!   Did I have angry days?  You bet!  But after reading through older posts, I can happily report that I practiced much more self control this time around.  I lost 15 lbs!  Part of me is excited – but the other part of me doesn’t really care. In reality, I am fine with myself however I am, pudge or no pudge. It’s just that clothes fit better, I feel better, and I feel so much more confident in the bedroom. (A little reality that my daughter won’t appreciate reading) haha.


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