what i desire (or, time to review my new year’s resolutions)

-Monthly temple attendance
-Lose 20 lbs and grow my hair out
-Stay in budget
-Begin my master’s degree
-Learn to not get offended or defensive with hubby

I have specific ways written down of how to accomplish each of these goals. They are a little too personal to write down here. I had forgotten about some of these, sadly. It’s good to renew these goals. I have a couple to add, but I think I need to work on just a few at a time.

This coming Sunday, I will be teaching a lesson to the women of our ward. I have chosen the topic of “Living a Balanced Life”. I came in to this lesson with the idea that I would tackle all of the above areas: Spiritual, Physical, Financial, Mental, Social and Personal. See, this is the wanna-be perfectionist in me. I want to tackle it ALL! I want to be really good at EVERYTHING! However, I came across this article in the Ensign magazine by Elder L. Tom Perry, entitled, “A Tradition of living a Spiritual, Balanced Life”. He focus on 4 things that will help us to achieve balance. They are: Treat our bodies as the temples that they are, Develop good character and trustworthiness, Put the things of the Lord before the things of the world, and Study the scriptures. Wow! How much sense does this make? A LOT! Truly, it is ONLY when I put the Lord first and have the Holy Ghost with me that I FEEL balanced and in control. Who CARES if I have managed to do all the laundry, squeeze in an hour of scrapbooking, go out to lunch with my girlfriends, balance the family budget for the month, file a pile of papers, spray the weeds, return those jeans that were too tight, attend a class at the local community college, and wipe out the refrigerator. If I haven’t put the Lord first, none of that is enough. If, day after day, I put everything else before the Lord (even if none of this other stuff is BAD), there comes a time when I feel out of control and seriously UN-balanced. I am so thankful for our prophets and church leaders. They absolutley understand what will bring us happiness and balance. So, while I have these resolutions that I want to work on, I need to focus first on what really matters…. what will bring me eternal happiness and reward.


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