hangin’ in there

My life isn’t all about food, but I sure think about it a lot. I finished the HCG diet at 20 lbs. below where I started (Yes!), and then put 4 pounds back on almost immediately. (thanks to girls camp and my new found false sense of freedom) Since then, I have lingered at that new weight. I’m ok with that! My clothes fit well and I am proud of myself. Still, food is nearly always on my mind. It’s pretty stupid, really. I don’t eat super well and I can see myself falling right back into my previous weight because of it. Going on that “diet” didn’t turn me into a health nut. That’s for sure. I think it may have helped somewhat, because it has made me SO aware of my eating habits and caloric intake. Unfortunately, I love junk food. Plus I’m lazy. I go for the quick snack, and I feel like I have to be crunching on something all the time. Again, stupid. I rather enjoy wearing a swim suit now, though. I don’t have a perfect body. Oh, far from it! And I still wear a swim skirt over my suit. But I feel proud of myself and I’m not so embarrassed. I work out 3-4 mornings a week and that probably is helping with the body image. I definitely need to focus on more important things in my life….. like my spiritual well-being! Enough of the lame-0 body issues!


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