that’s what i get

Day 24 – 129.2 lbs – 500 Calorie Day. That’s what I get for eating only junk in one day. I never got to enjoy an actual meal, and I only lost .2 lbs. Well, atleast it was something. I didn’t eat any better today. And when I say I don’t eat well………. believe… you… me!

Day 25 – 129 lbs – 500 Calorie Day. Such a sad pattern. Ideally, I might have lost 25 lbs. by now. But here I am, only 15 lbs. down. I am excited about that. Believe me! I see a difference in how my pants fit, in my arms, and in my face. I went for a run this morning and when I got home my hubby commented on the difference he sees. 🙂 Later, he sent me a sweet text message. THAT’S what I need! I want to know that this is all worth it! I could stop right here, but I want another 5 lbs. off so I can reach my goal of taking off 20 total. I can be done and over with this if I can just be crazy good for the next few days. I’m so tired of being hungry. I can do this! This can’t be good for my body. Come on me!

My dear friend and I are writing a cook book. It is tentatively going to be entitled, “Bake Your Cake……. And Eat It Too. Guilt Free Treats That Actually Taste Good.” We are so in to this! We have been researching the methods for cooking light, and learning the avantages and disadvantages of different sweeteners and artificial sweeteners. I’m spending all my free time on this. Looking at, and reading about treats, sweets and snacks isn’t helpful with this HCG thing, but it IS helping me to OWN my sugar addictions. I want to show the world, and myself, that there are alternatives to straight CRAP. Making things from scratch is helpful (because it eliminates the high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, and other junk all together), using lower fat, fat-free, and sugar free ingredients can still produce super yummy treats, and not all treats have to BE sweet or decedant. Treats can BE just savory, or crunchy, or chewy, or salty. I think I’ll start another blog just for that.


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