ok, so NOW i’m half-way there

Day 18 – 132.4 lbs – 500 Calorie Day. I’m so tired of this. I don’t have anything else to say today.

Day 19 – 132.2 lbs – 500 Calorie Day. Yesterday, I picked up the rest of my friends’ HCG shots that she will not be using, as she has stopped her cycle. This means that I am now committed to a full 40 day cycle. I am, therefore, only half way done. I am still, as you can see, plateaued. I have got to do something to get past this. I still have slmost half of my goal to go! This is ridiculous!

We leave for Disneyland in 4 hours. I’m praying for strength. I am going to enjoy the PLACE, not the FOOD. It’s not that Disneyland is all about the food for me, but I certainly don’t ever think too deeply about what I eat there! For example, a bread bowl with clam chowder and a burrito are staples for me. Well, not this time around. I’ll be seeking out the meat and veggie skewers, the apples, and the simple dinner salads. It all sounds good. It just won’t be easy and it won’t be bread. 😦

Is it normal to be SICK of water?


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