can you say, "plateau"?

Day 14 – 132.4 lbs – 500 Calorie Day. This was a Saturday. We worked in the back yard all afternoon and I was so low on energy. Hubby goes and goes and goes, and he’s not eating much more than myself, so I don’t know why I am so weak. I got a vitamin B12 injection this morning to boost my energy level, and it didn’t seem to do a thing for me. That evening we went to Outback Steakhouse. I ate a small salad with tomatoes and cucumbers, salt, pepper and fresh squeezed lemon on it. That was actually tasty. All legal vegetables, but combined (which is supposedly a no-no). Then I had a small chunck of sirloin steak, which was obviously grilled with olive oil and/or butter. It was divine. I didn’t feel guilty at all about what I had eaten, but I was more full than usual, and so I did a light 30 minutes on the stationary bike before bed just in case.

Talked to hubby today about my frustrations and temptations. He suggested that when this 500 calorie thing is done, maybe we should just plan to eat out once a week and have a fun meal with no reservations. This can be something to work for and look forward to each week. This is a lot coming from him, as he is such a home body. He was so sweet and supportive. Yes, it has taken him years to learn how to talk to me about this sort of stuff, but he’s getting it. 🙂

Day 15 – 133.2 lbs – 500 Calorie Day. Disappointing morning. I was SO good yesterday, and the only rule I might have broken was in the actual preparation of the steak and in mixing my vegetables at one meal. I was bummed because of the stupid weight gain, as minimal as it was. What am I suffering for here? This night, hubby prepared a fantastic meal for me. Lobster and a salad. He thought it would be a treat for me. It was really nice to have something different, but it was bland. I didn’t let him know I was disappointed, although he kept sneaking butter himself. 🙂 I mean, no butter on lobster? Yeah, right! That’s like having toast with no butter! And I am already very tired of lettuce with salt, pepper and lemon juice. Once in a while is fine, but, again, I long for variety.

Day 16 – 133 lbs – 500 Calorie Day. I am on a bit of a plateau here. I worked out this morning, it being Monday, and I weighed in again at 131.4 lbs. I’m sure, however, that that was because of water loss. I’ll gain it back again today, and then some, probably. I’m not doing so well this morning. I feel frustrated. I asked my friend if I could buy her HCG shots off of her. I may want to extend this diet a few extra days so I can get down to my goal weight. I’m not going to make it at this rate. Today isn’t helping. I don’t feel so well ’cause I just ate 3 brownie bites. Seriously, I feel sick to my stomach. I guess that’s my lesson to be learned. Not sure I can eat anything else until dinner. I was so tired at boot camp this morning. Wednesday is our last day for 2 weeks, though, and I will be totally done with the 500 calorie days by then. Thank goodness!

Funny, after writing this, I feel better. It’s good therapy for me. I think my frustration is gone for the moment, and I’m ready to dig my heals back in…… for the moment.

For my first time EVER, I’m dreading Disneyland. Oh, give me strength!


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