is it worth it?

Day 9 – 136 lbs – 500 Calorie Day. Is it worth the sacrifice? After Sunday, a perfect day (no, a better than perfect day – I had no fruit or grissini bread sticks, even!), I was only down .2 lbs. Are you kidding me? This was a fist to my stomach. Tomorrow’s experiment will be to see how my weight fluctuates with a tiny cheating on the food. ie. a sugar- free candy or 2. That would certainly take the edge of my my mind battle! OK – so I weighed myself at 5:45am, just before heading out for my boot camp work out. The workout was really hard. Everyone was saying so. It wasn’t just me. I ate an half an apple and a grissini bread stick on the way to the workout, but I was really, really lacking energy. Actually, I started out strong, but ended in utter fatigue. That’s not usually me. Hubby says it was in my head, but I know how I usually feel. This was different. There are only 5 more classes in this session, so I’m just gonna do my best and finish it out.

When I got back from the workout, I weighed myself again. I was at 135.2 lbs. Hmmmmm. Water loss? I’ll take it, though. 🙂 Then I ate another half an apple.

I ate just OK yesterday. But I did cheat a tiny. More than I have on any other day. This was a litte bit out of experimentation, and a little bit out of having a “who cares!” attitude. Throughout the day, I ate, in addition to my regular menu, 2 sugar free mints, a tiny muffin (seriously, a tiny one), and 4 BBQ chips. The mints were just ok, the muffin wasn’t that satisfying, and the chips were amazing. I only had the 1 apple and the 1 bread stick. We’ll see what happens tomorrow!


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