frustration setting in. must….. keep….. going….

Day 8…. continued. It being a Sunday, we were around the house all day, except for our time at church. It was a hungry day. Plus, I had forgotten to take my shot until 3:00. Crud! I wonder if that made a difference in my appetite. Lunch was at 3:00. Hubby made it for me, because it is Mother’s day, afterall. I helped in the lunch making process to get a little more variety of food out for the kids. They are working on a veggie tray that I can’t touch right now. Dinner, he waited until 7pm to start preparing, since we ha’d eaten such a late lunch. It was crab legs and asparagus for me. I thought it would be wonderful. I started the dinner “hour” with a yucky, starving taste in my mouth and a sour attitude (I hid it from my family). Dinner was no more than just OK. Yes, crab is wonderful. But I didn’t get to dip it in butter, and I was so sick of plain asparagus that I was practically gagging. Truly, I did hide all of this. I didn’t want hubby to think I was ungrateful for all the sweet things he was doing for me that day. As far as sticking to the diet, I was 100% all day. Never even had a taste of someone else’s chip or a nibble of a cheese stick. Never even had a piece of fruit, as I am allowed. Not even that! I wanted to see what difference that would make.

Hubby took the liberty of having diet coke for lunch. I was surprised! I think that every night he has something to eat after I go to bed. And he should! He is starving himself, and he has no fat to lose. He is 6’3″, 173lbs as of last Thursday. He’s just being SO supportive of me when he is around me……. and beyond. Still, it drives me crazy when he makes these comments about how easy it is to eat like this. For HIM, maybe! That’s because he has a stronger mind and will than I do.


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