creepy voice candy box

Time to put away Halloween. That’s a very good thing. Halloween is the beginning of the end…. in fact, it is the beginning of the end every year! I have to start over with eating right every January. I’m weak! I just opened up the trick-or-treat candy box, and it cackled out, “Haven’t I seen you before?” in it’s creepy, haunted house-type voice. How ironic. My response was, “Yes. Yes you have seen me before.” I then proceeded to take out a mini Whoppers and a mini Snickers. Oh, was that creepy voice meant to be a deterant?

I have started doing some Christmas shopping. I have such mixed emotions about this. I love the feeling of the holidays. It’s exciting and fun to get gifts for my family. I love the music and the smells and the cheerfulness. I love what the Christmas Season is all about. But I get panic attacks when it comes to the money aspect! In fact, I woke up last night, in the middle of the night, with a racing heart. I immediatedly traced the feeling to a dream/realization that I had just had about the bills that are currently due vs. the lack of funds to pay those bills. Overdraft is my closest friend these days. I hate that friend! We have a love/hate relationship. Atleast my closest friend is not a credit card, huh? I never considered myself a big spender. And I probably am not, compared to many. My husband has an amazing job, and we have never been without, and, therefore, I haven’t been very good at keeping track of our money. I am realizing more and more that I need to be just as frugal as the next person – maybe even more so. My husband, while he earns a good living, is extremely conservative and frugal. When he does buy something, it is of high quality, but he rarely spends. He would love for me to have this same mentality. I’m not at all opposed. I think its a smart route. I should be careful and conservative. He is the breadwinner, afterall. I then take that “bread” and manage it. I should have enough respect to do it right – better than just right, even.

I’m pumped up now! I’m going right now to tackle the bills and the books….. and maybe the creepy voice candy box.


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