complain, complain

Today I feel like complaining. I can do that sometimes, can’t I? I remember once hearing a talk given by a general authority. He spoke of his wife in the sweetest way. He said that he never knew her to be anything but even tempered and good natured. I try so hard to be like that. I do. Unfortuantely, sometimes I take my frustrations out on my children. I guess because they can’t do anything back? I’m not cruel or abusive or anything. They just see the grumpy me more than anyone else. What good is that doing them or myself? None! I’ve gotta get it out in other ways. That wasn’t so much a complaint, as it was a comfession, huh.

Here’s a complaint……… I don’t get to live by my mom or my sisters! Very unfair! Even if my mom was close by, I don’t know that we’d talk too much anyways.  In her defense, I’ve got other siblings who are much more needy than I am, and, by nature, I am not a squeaky wheel. Maybe we move around too much, and maybe we are just always on the go, but I FEEL like we just sit right here and I never see them. I guess I should be making more of an effort to call her too. Yes, she’s super busy, but she is my mom. Waaaa. (Dad, I love you too.  It’s just a girl thing!)

K – I just called and chatted with one of my sisters. I feel boosted up. We didn’t talk about much of anything, but I feel better, knowing that we WILL be seeing eachother pretty soon…. like in 2 months – maybe 3. I have this connection with my older sister that is hard to describe. We are alike in some ways and different in other ways, but we are so drawn to each other. She lived here, in the same valley as us, for 2 years – our only taste of living relatively close together – and it was gut-wrenchingly sad when they had to to move out of state again. For me, anyways. When I know I’m going to be seeing her again, I get all giddy. Even when she lived here, I felt like that every time we got together. Heavenly Father gave her to me, but he’s not letting me keep her very close. Complain, complain.

Gotta go do some finances. BIG complaint! Signing off.


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