a dangerous thing to do

I know it’s a dangerous thing to do – weigh yourself daily – and I don’t do it daily – but I do it often. However, I had a happy and motivating moment this morning because of this so-called pointless ritual of mine. Without revealing my body weight, I will say that I reached one itsy-bitsy goal of mine. I honestly can’t remember EVER having set a weight loss goal, and then meeting it. I’m not overweight, per say. I’m just bigger than I have ever been in my life, and it’s taking a toll on my running. I don’t aspire to be model skinny. I just don’t want my stomach to hang over my jeans, and I want running to feel better because I’m not carrying around that extra 20 lbs. That’s all. I think I’m very realistic. In reality, I like my body just fine. It’s just the running thing. That, and I don’t feel confident in the bedroom. I’ll stop there.

So I went to this workshop last night on Budgeting and Money Management. The guy gave advice about being prepared for the worst possible financial travesty that could happen. ie. hubby loses job, food supplies in town are wiped out, etc. So food storage and savings are vital. I agree and am on board! He talked about having a 401K and contributing something to it monthly. He encouraged everyone to get Quicken and be very aware of what money is coming and what is going out. He said that this simple step will make a huge difference in our spending habits. Finally, he spoke about making daily “Million Dollar Decisions”. An example he gave of this lies in the consumption of soda. He said that if even just 4 cans of soda are consumed in your household per day, that adds up to $2/day, $14/week, $56/month, $728/year, $7280/10 years, $21,840/30 years, etc. And if that same money was put in to a 401K, you could have earned enough money to pay off your house! What an eye opener. Good thing I gave up soda, huh? Seriously, I haven’t even touched the stuff since I committed! Way to go, me!

OK – one more word of advice to me. (this comes mostly out of the book-which-must-not-be-named) Be willing to delay gratification for a few months. A few months. That’s it! Then you can just maintain, and enjoy a new body for the rest of your life! During this time, you will be retraining your brain, healing your taste buds, and cleansing and detoxifying your body. It might suck a little. Chances are, there will be times you feel deprived, angry, overwhelmed, and frustrated. But these few, fleeting moments will all be worthwhile once you are at your goal weight.
Yes! Anger! That is what I feel much of the time! It’s all in my mind. Heaven help me to stop buying Lucky Charms and making muffins!


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