room for improvement

I’ve always said things like, “I have great desires to be really, really organized.” Or, “I have great desires to be a gourmet cook…… or to be a healthy eater…… or to be really fit……. or to be an awesome wife……. or mom…… or to read my scriptures daily”. You get the idea. I’m really not TOO bad at any one of these things (OK, I am a horrible eater! I’ll get that out there right now), but I have this secret inner-perfectionist that wants to show herself more. I think I am pretty laid back by nature. It takes quite a lot to ruffle my panties.  I don’t expect myself to be perfect at any one thing. That’s not my goal. I just desire to be better. I have oodles of space for improvement in about every area of my life.
So this blog is just for me. I have to vent sometimes. I want to write down things that inspire me. I want to write down things that frustrate me or flat out anger me. Maybe I’ll let my sisters and my mom read this. Maybe my closest friends. For now, I just need a space. And that journal on my nightstand is getting dusty.
By the way, I wrote this while downing the rest of a Reddi Whip can that I found in the refrigerator. Ya think I have room for improvement?!

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